Alive You

Alive You Thriving and Experiencing Life To The Fullest
Have this art!

Are you ready to live genuine  happinessfulfillment, and success?

Alive You….what a bold statement, but what does that mean, exactly? For my truth, I’ve come to define it as proactively living from a place of enlightenment and awakening…in short, getting unstuck from whatever is holding you back from an enacted awareness.  Still…what does that mean!? Here is an evolving understanding of it means to alive you:

Alive You  Means

A Few Questions to Get You Started

When were you the happiest and experienced the most meaning and fulfillment? What were the contributing factors?
Is there any part of your life that currently makes you feel the happiest… why?
What can you do today to empower others that will also empower yourself? (thinking about what you do that truly counts)
What do you want to do before you die?…what if you knew you were going to die a year from now?…a month?…a week?…TOMORROW?
How can you make life feel meaningful every day?

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Be there for and grow others. The ones that we remember the most fondly are not the ones that only achieved their dreams, but the ones that also uplifted and brought others along with them in the achieving of those dreams.